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Other Projects

Salem Pet Photo • Cinnamon and Clover Photo Co. • The Wheekly • Hint of Magic Wedding Photography • Music by Joey Phoenix • In Front of the Camera


Salem Pet Photo 

Joey started Salem Pet Photo in 2014 as a way to spend more time cuddling adorable critters. She photographs all animals whether it barks, meows, wheeks, neighs, or hisses.

Cinnamon and Clover Photo Co. 

In addition to photographing small furry creatures, Joey also spends part of her time photographing adorable littles of the human variety. Cinnamon and Clover Photo Co. is dedicated to newborns, families, and children's portraits.

Photo by John Andrews Photography 

Photo by John Andrews Photography 

Music by Joey Phoenix

When Joey is not photographing things or cuddling small animals, she sometimes plays music at events, festivals, and venues around the North Shore 

The Wheekly

Don't be fooled. Joey's real passion in life is guinea pigs. She photographs them in costumes and hand paints environments for them to live in. They are properly celebrated on Facebook and on Etsy. 

Hint of Magic Wedding Photography 

On rare occasions, Joey photographs weddings – that is, interesting weddings. She specializes in alternative weddings and engagement portraiture on a limited basis each year.

Photo by Nate Buchman Photography

Photo by Nate Buchman Photography

In Front of the Camera 

Joey spends much time behind a camera, but for special projects she will decide to be in front of it. Herein is a gallery of her collaborations with local photographers.