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Add Magic to your marketing initiative with creative Photography by joey Phoenix

Commercial Marketing Photography by Joey Phoenix

Joey's commercial portrait work centers on the fantasy, the otherworldly, and the surreal.  Her portfolio is story-driven, and the images she creates are the result of intentional concept creation. She has created portraits of sirens adrift at sea, of replicants battling with their inner demons, of faeries caught between the realm of men and their own. Even her more traditional images aim to express more than just a simple idea. She aims for connection – for the dynamic portrayal of every subject she photographs. 

As of 2018, she is bringing these connection-driven images to the public sphere. You can hire her and her team of talented creative professionals to design and implement a marketing initiative that will stand out in the minds of your customers. 


The Pricing for each project depends on the scope of the vision. The best way for us to determine how best to create the right set of marketing magic for you is for you to message us or give us a call. 

Basic Plan - Starting at $400

This tier works best for sole proprietors, artists, musicians, and theatrical groups who already may have some creative materials at their disposal, just not the creative team to make it happen. It includes narrative development, set and prop design, as well as fully retouched digital images. Professional models are also available if needed. 

Curious to see what we can do for you? The initial consultation is always free. 

Or give us a call at 978=219-9587. 

Bigger Vision - $1200

This tier works best for larger businesses and organizations who are looking to add some magic to their marketing. It includes narrative development, professional models, materials, set and prop design, and finished promotional images and/or videography.

Ready to turn your marketing into something fantastic?  The initial consultation is always free. 

Or give us a call at 978=219-9587. 

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