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It Was a Bloody Pineapple!: 7 Days in Edinburgh

The first time I was in Edinburgh it was 2011. I was fresh out of college and still mostly clueless about the world. Doe-eyed, moving to Boston in less than a month, and uncertain about my future, I booked a trip with my sister and we hopped around the UK. The two days we had in Edinburgh were spent dodging crowds at the Fringe, eating chips and curry, and being perpetually soaked. 

I loved it. 

Flash forward nearly 6 years and I was going again, only this time I would be more prepared. I decided to do some research.

My views of Scotland prior to this adventure were advised by three different sources: Trainspotting, the stories of Loch Ness (especially the terrible book by Sara Gruen "At the Water's Edge"), and Brigadoon.  

And oh yes, Braveheart. 

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