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Pleasure in the Pathless Woods

For as long as I can remember my dreams have always been filled with the bizarre, the mystical, and the extraordinary – and in my waking life I do everything I can to seek these things out. Maybe this is due to the fact that I was a 90s child who grew up watching Disney movies, or maybe it has more do to with that whenever the sun shines or the moon glows I feel a warm prickling on my skin as if I'm being watched, or maybe even that somewhere in my history the world was a wilder place than it is now...

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A Great Fear of Shallow Living

Most people have an idea about how mermaids should be. They've been informed by Disney on this fact. Mermaids ought to be sweet and love sparkly things. Mermaids are kind and will give up their voices and change one of the most important aspects about themselves to woo the sailor they love. 

I think not. 

In truth, merfolk are a bit more complicated, and a lot more vicious. 

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