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We're All Mad Here

What is it about tea parties that is so engaging? We, as humans, just deeply love the idea of large tea pots, scones and clotted cream, putting jam on our pocket watches. But really, we are completely caught up with one tea party in particular. Well, at least I am.

And it’s all a bit mad.

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5 Things Successful Photographers Do That You Probably Don't

Post Originally Published on Photography Tricks The one thing that technically separates amateur photographers from professional photographers isn’t talent or experience, but whether or not they get paid to do it. Having said that, there is another obvious divide that exists between the professional photographers who are successful in their craft and those who still have a lot to learn.

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5 Lessons from 5 Great Photographers

One of the most creative hybrid artist/photographers in human history, Man Ray was someone who constantly pushed the boundaries of the art world and challenged the aesthetic values of society during his lifetime. Although born of the arguably wretched but historically necessary Dada movement of the early twentieth century, Ray eventually grew out of the style and would progress to more complicated and transformative styles as time went on.

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