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By Anvil and Spark: Hephaestus, God of the Forge

I've known Brett Kelley since 2013 when we met at RAW arts Boston showcase. The show itself was pretty much an utter fiasco, as was the organization, and the both of us joke that the best thing to come out of that nonsense was our meeting. Despite everything, it was totally worth it.

Brett is one of the best humans on this planet.

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Ares: Andreiphontes on Fire

I met Zack several months ago after reconnecting with his lovely girlfriend Sarah. He's an ebullient, charismatic type that makes him instantly likable. He's also the devil may care sort of handsome with an unforgettable face that makes him perfect for theatre. Sarah is also a brilliant actor, so calling them a dynamic duo is a touch understated.

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If They're a Benefit, They're Not My Problem: A Story of Replicants and Blade Runners

It all started with a post. I stated on social media that I wanted to be IN more photos this year (which I will be), and my friend the light expert Joey Nicotera commented:

“Let’s do something with lights!”

And thus, an idea was born. Or more truthfully, a series of ideas. And this was the first of them.

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What is about the ocean that draws us towards it? So many of us have known the inexorable pull towards great bodies of water, whether for adventure, for escape, for peace... Maybe it's because we are made mostly of water, or because it is the sustainer of life, the source of our ability to thrive on this great blue planet.

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What is it about humanity that makes it so impossible for us to comprehend our own greatness? We look to ancient stories, to legend for inspiration...reading tales of men and women who were somehow extraordinary, worthy of worship. How certain we are that these "great" people never knew the insecurities we feel, never felt our fear.

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5 Things Successful Photographers Do That You Probably Don't

Post Originally Published on Photography Tricks The one thing that technically separates amateur photographers from professional photographers isn’t talent or experience, but whether or not they get paid to do it. Having said that, there is another obvious divide that exists between the professional photographers who are successful in their craft and those who still have a lot to learn.

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