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From Poly Sci to Olympus: Five More Shoots to Go

2 years ago, I put the Evolution of Time series on the shelf in favor of a new series: Ancient Muses. I had recently moved to Salem, which I will openly claim as the premiere art hub Massachusetts (except for maybe Northampton), and the mystical energy of the place inspired me immensely. This past Sunday, I completed my tenth shoot in the series (those pictures and that story are forthcoming). This means that I am two-thirds of the way through.

Which to me, is huge. I start a billion things but I rarely, if ever, finish anything. I am dead set on finishing this one. I know without a doubt that I never would’ve made it this far without the generosity and aid of some incredible humans who have stood by me, many from the very beginning. You know who you are and you mean the world to me.

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If They're a Benefit, They're Not My Problem: A Story of Replicants and Blade Runners

It all started with a post. I stated on social media that I wanted to be IN more photos this year (which I will be), and my friend the light expert Joey Nicotera commented:

“Let’s do something with lights!”

And thus, an idea was born. Or more truthfully, a series of ideas. And this was the first of them.

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Flowers, Leaves, and Snow: 3 Seasons with The Faerie Tribe

Once upon a time I met the extraordinary Lindsey Cline (then Hollett) at some Creative Salem event or another. She was making magic with a hula hoop (something I didn’t realize was possible at the time), and I was so enamored with her talent that I decided I wanted to know her.

Fast forward several months, and she’s telling me about this group called The Faerie Tribe, and about her desire to do a series of photos at the newly installed Stickwork – created by Patrick Dougherty for the Peabody Essex Museum.  As the entire structure is akin to a mythical home designed by the leaders of the fae, I thought it was an excellent idea. Ultimately she wanted to do three different shoots: one in Spring, one in Autumn, and one in Winter.

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The Real Dilemma of the Creative Profession

The real dilemma of the creative profession is authenticity. You want everyone to have a chance to have your art and see what you create, and you want everyone to know and understand that, but then you also have to do things like pay rent, bills, taxes, and buy copious amounts of lettuce for your guinea pigs (ok maybe that's just me). Yet, for some reason it's incredibly difficult to be honest and upfront about both things, especially about the part where you need to be paid in order to go on a) making art and b) remaining alive.

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Robots, Rockets, and the Rewards of Perseverance

Last week the Peabody Essex Museum hosted a launch party for a VIS (Very Important Specimen) during its PEM/PM Take Back Summer Evening Party. The honored specimen was the famed HitchBOT, a Hitchhiking Robot who has hitched rides across Germany and Canada, vacationed in the Netherlands, and now plans to hitchhike across the United States. I got to meet the little guy, who was wearing the most on-point wellies I’d ever seen, and wish him luck on his grand adventure.

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