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The Land of "Enchantment:" Four-ish Days and 21 Hours Driving Around New Mexico

“There was two-thirds of a rodent there to greet me this mornin’ when I stepped off my porch.” The man said with a gruff smile, his straw hat jauntily tilting to one side. “From what I could tell from what was left of it, it was some kind of mouse or something.” He kicked at a log that was standing upright by his feet.

“Would you look at that?” He exclaimed suddenly. I approached cautiously. There were others who were approaching too. “Ain’t that the largest spider you’ve seen in a while?” He laughed and pointed. 

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Sriracha Donuts on the Peninsula ~ 2 Days in Charleston, SC

It had been 6 years since I walked the uneven streets of Charleston, SC. For a summer I had called this peninsula my home, and ever since I’ve looked for reasons to return – but the timing wasn’t right until now.

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Chasing Black Squirrels All the Way to Ohio (Part 1)

I spent the first nine years of my life in the cornfields of mid-eastern and southern Illinois. The familiar sight of silos, cows, and freshly tilled fields continue to fill me with a type of aromatic nostalgia that makes me feel like I'm about to turn double digits. 

It's a strange sort of magic, and I find myself at least twice each year making the excuse to ride back to the midwest by plane or train.

This time, I traveled by car.

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Losing the GPS and Finding History: A Detour through the White Mountains

A trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire offers the things you might expect: scenic mountain vistas, serpentine rivers, and epic journeys on the historic Cog railway. However, it’s the things you don’t necessarily expect which rest firmly in your mind long after you’ve driven away – the sudden detours, the hidden destinations, the spots less prominent on the tourist maps.

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From Beverly to Bridgetown: Cross Country with Caroline and Stanley Part 1

In January 2015 I drove across the United States with Caroline, a lovely neo-punk alternative vegan chick, and her gentlemanly cat Stanley. The following is a brief account of what ensued, told from my heavily biased perspective.

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Moonshine and the Arrival of the Bats

The air was rich with the pungent smell of guano and stale garbage. The heat was a pervasive second layer, a turtleneck sweater in mid-August. I wrung out my hands, clammy from the change in temperature, and sucked down a banana snow cone in the company of bees. I never knew bees liked bananas. My crew and I, we had stumbled across a series of food trucks, a ubiquitous sight in Austin, Texas, and settled beneath tilting umbrellas for a breather in the shade. We had marched up and down South Congress Street for the better part of 2 hours, stopping periodically in boutiques and knick knackeries to look around.

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Three Days in a Car with a Turtle

This is me. My name is Shelley. I am a turtle. Recently I was subjected to the most horrible of experiences. I was indelicately shoved into a small box and forced to spend three days in the back of a car. My owner had explained that all of this was going to happen to me. She even gave me fresh kale and strawberries, which normally would be cause for celebration. But it was a bribe. She was bribing me to behave. And behave I did, but don't worry, I'm plotting a way to get her back. Someday, when she's least expecting it.

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