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Hades: He Rules the Realms Below

There was no fanfare for this shoot. No smoke, no lights, no makeup artist. Chimæric and I simply walked into the woods and let magic happen. Our original idea was to do the shoot in a local Salem cemetery, but the one we had selected for the shoot just happened to have closed early that day, so to the park we went. Fortunately for us, on this mid-April day, there was still plenty of emptiness and spook to be found.

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By Anvil and Spark: Hephaestus, God of the Forge

I've known Brett Kelley since 2013 when we met at RAW arts Boston showcase. The show itself was pretty much an utter fiasco, as was the organization, and the both of us joke that the best thing to come out of that nonsense was our meeting. Despite everything, it was totally worth it.

Brett is one of the best humans on this planet.

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Dionysos Eleutherios: The Liberator

Love is a fickle, fragile thing…but when it sticks, when both people are all in, well, it’s a powerful thing. For the last few months, Arden, her love Phil, and I have been planning Dionysos. Originally, I had an idea in my head that Dionysos would have a love slave of the male persuasion, but then I learned something that changed my mind entirely.

These two lovebirds went to London and got themselves engaged.

So, instead of having this be purely an art shoot and a continuation of the series…it would also become part 1 of their engagement session. *glee!*

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Ares: Andreiphontes on Fire

I met Zack several months ago after reconnecting with his lovely girlfriend Sarah. He's an ebullient, charismatic type that makes him instantly likable. He's also the devil may care sort of handsome with an unforgettable face that makes him perfect for theatre. Sarah is also a brilliant actor, so calling them a dynamic duo is a touch understated.

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He Who Moves the Sun: Apollo the Healer

Not all gods are gods of war or thunder or mayhem. Many of them bring fire, wrath, desolation, while others bring healing.

Enter Apollo.

The son of Zeus and Leto, the twin brother to Artemis, the patron deity of poetry, music, medicine (and conversely, bringer of plague). Apollo is a lover, not a fighter, unless you get on his bad side. At which point, expect pestilence.

Apollo is oft associated with the sun, and his chariot moves fair Helios across the sky. However, for this, we chose to focus on his more medicinal and musical aspects.

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From Poly Sci to Olympus: Five More Shoots to Go

2 years ago, I put the Evolution of Time series on the shelf in favor of a new series: Ancient Muses. I had recently moved to Salem, which I will openly claim as the premiere art hub Massachusetts (except for maybe Northampton), and the mystical energy of the place inspired me immensely. This past Sunday, I completed my tenth shoot in the series (those pictures and that story are forthcoming). This means that I am two-thirds of the way through.

Which to me, is huge. I start a billion things but I rarely, if ever, finish anything. I am dead set on finishing this one. I know without a doubt that I never would’ve made it this far without the generosity and aid of some incredible humans who have stood by me, many from the very beginning. You know who you are and you mean the world to me.

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She Delights in Arrows: The Story of Artemis

Muse, sing of Artemis, sister of the Far-Shooter, the virgin who delights in arrows, who was fostered with Apollon. She waters her horses from Meles deep in reeds, and swiftly drives her all-golden chariot through Smyrna to vine-clad Klaros where Apollon, god of the silver bow, sits waiting for the far-shooting goddess who delights in arrows. And so hail to you, Artemis, in my song and to all goddesses as well. Of you first I sing and with you I begin; now that I have begun with you, I will turn to another song. -Homeric Hymn to Artemis

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Corn Mother - Song of the Harvest

Sometimes it takes a while for an idea swimming about my brain to incubate enough to bring forth something of note...For more than a year I thought about this image. I knew who I wanted it to be long before the concept became a tangible reality - Madeline Mooney, whom I've worked with often enough to know that she could emote what I wished.

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