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The Real Dilemma of the Creative Profession

© 2015 Nate Buchman Photography
© 2015 Nate Buchman Photography

Art is a personal act of courage, something one human does that creates change in another. ~ Seth Godin

The real dilemma of the creative profession is authenticity. You want everyone to have a chance to have your art and see what you create, and you want everyone to know and understand that, but then you also have to do things like pay rent, bills, taxes, and buy copious amounts of lettuce for your guinea pigs (ok maybe that's just me). Yet, for some reason it's incredibly difficult to be honest and upfront about both things, especially about the part where you need to be paid in order to go on a) making art and b) remaining alive.

So, what often happens is that you forego the money aspect because the compulsion to create art seems the realer of the two priorities. Asking people to pay for your time and talent over and over again is also exhausting, and yet that's what you have to do if you want to make/perform/do your art.

It comes down to value, and sometimes people just don't see that value. So either you find people who do, or you spend too much time trying to convince those who don't...which is painful and often fruitless. Vulnerability with no promise of reward for your attempts can lead to quite the negative tailspin.

I have been incredibly grateful to come across many individuals and groups who also understand that in order to keep doing what I'm doing that I also need food, and as a result they don't need convincing. They believe that the creation of customized art (which in my case is photography) is a mutually beneficial transaction. These people recenter my universe and make my life a much better place to be.

Essentially what I'm saying is this: we are a community of people who can actively make the world a better place by building each other up. Artists and creative professionals add a unique vibrance to everything they touch, and without their inspiration and sense of radical whimsy everything we know would be so much bleaker.

Our world is enriched by the color creatives bring to it. Yet, we creatives continually lower our standards because society has taught us that it has little to no value. This is a deep sadness that can only be remedied by a few things.

1-Creatives standing up for themselves 2-Patrons standing up for and supporting Creatives 3-Society waking up to the realization that a world without art is a lost one.

As a creative, it's my responsibility to take on the role of the first, but I will need help with the rest. Thank you to everyone who is already doing that, you are the music makers and the dreamers of dreams this planet needs to survive.

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