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Sheela-Na-Gig, Goddess of Beltane

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Beltane Goddess
Beltane Goddess

It's May. The season of light, of flowers, of fulfilled dreams. The dark and sleeping world begins to burn bright, bursting forth in a symphony of glorious color. This tumultuous time, the period of rebirth, launches the world into the beauty of the dazzling sun. The darkness has been expunged, replaced with a nigh effervescent sweetness that's vivid and palpable.

It awakes your senses, your mind, your longing. It gives you hope.


I spent a long and golden afternoon with my dear friend Arden Barlow the week of Beltane. She is an extraordinarily talented and lovely person, and she and I have collaborated on many delightful projects over the last year, most recently Saint Patrick. Her work is such an inspiration to me, and I find that the best way to show my appreciation to someone is to photograph them as a deity. :)

She was to play Sheela-Na-Gig, the ancient fertility goddess associated with Beltane, one of the four fire festivals. Her shock of red hair, her vivacity, and her beautiful face made her perfect for the role. All I had to do was find a green space, tie ribbons around her wrists, and let her shine.

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Goddess of Beltane
Goddess of Beltane
Goddess of Beltane
Goddess of Beltane