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We're All Mad Here

What is it about tea parties that is so engaging? We, as humans, just deeply love the idea of large tea pots, scones and clotted cream, putting jam on our pocket watches. But really, we are completely caught up with one tea party in particular. Well, at least I am.

And it’s all a bit mad.

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It Was a Bloody Pineapple!: 7 Days in Edinburgh

The first time I was in Edinburgh it was 2011. I was fresh out of college and still mostly clueless about the world. Doe-eyed, moving to Boston in less than a month, and uncertain about my future, I booked a trip with my sister and we hopped around the UK. The two days we had in Edinburgh were spent dodging crowds at the Fringe, eating chips and curry, and being perpetually soaked. 

I loved it. 

Flash forward nearly 6 years and I was going again, only this time I would be more prepared. I decided to do some research.

My views of Scotland prior to this adventure were advised by three different sources: Trainspotting, the stories of Loch Ness (especially the terrible book by Sara Gruen "At the Water's Edge"), and Brigadoon.  

And oh yes, Braveheart. 

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Pleasure in the Pathless Woods

For as long as I can remember my dreams have always been filled with the bizarre, the mystical, and the extraordinary – and in my waking life I do everything I can to seek these things out. Maybe this is due to the fact that I was a 90s child who grew up watching Disney movies, or maybe it has more do to with that whenever the sun shines or the moon glows I feel a warm prickling on my skin as if I'm being watched, or maybe even that somewhere in my history the world was a wilder place than it is now...

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In the Land of Kokopelli Part 2

“The desert could not be claimed or owned–it was a piece of cloth carried by winds, never held down by stones, and given a hundred shifting names... Its caravans, those strange rambling feasts and cultures, left nothing behind, not an ember. All of us, even those with European homes and children in the distance, wished to remove the clothing of our countries. It was a place of faith. We disappeared into landscape.” - Michael Ondaatje

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When Seeds Become Trees

5 years ago and some change I was extremely unhappy and lonely, and stuck in the middle of a master's program that I hated. (I eventually finished that program, because I'm stubborn...)

But 2012 hit me like a supernova when I realized that I didn't have to follow any standard path. I decided that I would work for myself (thank you Kevin Danielsen for that chat which changed my future), seek out people who were full of life, and ultimately throw off the spindly cobwebs that were the whole of my yesterdays.

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In the Land of Kokopelli: A Journey to Northern Arizona (Part 1)

"Is he friendly?" I ask of the woman sitting at the picnic table adjacent to mine. She is handing a sandwich to her son with one hand, and holding the leash of a fidgety golden retriever with the other. The dog immediately starts barking at a passerby, a male wearing a bright green running shirt. 

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